Your wedding is a day of celebration, a reflection of your love and commitment. But it’s also a chance to showcase your values! The choices you make about your suppliers can have a big impact, from the environment to social justice.

Why it Matters

Your hard-earned cash should go to businesses that align with your beliefs. If sustainability is important to you, avoid vendors who generate excessive waste. If inclusivity is a priority, don’t support discriminatory businesses. Choosing ethical suppliers allows you to celebrate with integrity and joy.

What to Look For

  • Venues: Consider accessibility for all guests. Does the venue showcase diversity on their website? Have they invested in staff training on inclusivity?
  • Photographers & Videographers: Look for a diverse portfolio featuring couples of various backgrounds. How well are photos retouched, especially for darker skin tones? Will they be comfortable with a vegan meal if that’s what you provide?
  • Caterers: Ethical caterers source ingredients responsibly, minimize waste, and use eco-friendly practices. Do they offer vegan options that are delicious and substantial?
  • Hair & Makeup Artists: Find someone who works with various skin tones and hair types. Do they use cruelty-free products that align with your animal welfare concerns?
  • Wedding Dresses: Consider sustainable options like second-hand dresses or ethically made gowns that prioritize fair labour practices and eco-friendly materials.

Research is Key

  • Read reviews: Look beyond the supplier’s website for independent reviews that give insight into their practices and values.
  • Inclusive Language: Does the company use gender-neutral language and represent a diverse clientele on their website and social media?
  • About Me Pages: Learn about the supplier’s values and commitment to sustainability, fair treatment of workers, and inclusivity.
  • Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask about a supplier’s green credentials, diversity efforts, and ethical sourcing practices.

Finding the Perfect Balance

Finding suppliers who perfectly match your ethics and budget might be a challenge. Be prepared to compromise on some aspects, but remember, your questions can spark change!  By making informed choices, you can ensure your wedding reflects your values and creates a positive impact, making your special day even more meaningful.