So you’re engaged, congrats! But between the pressure of guest lists and the never-ending Pinterest boards, wedding planning can feel like a runaway train. Enter the micro wedding: your stress-free knight in shining armour (or maybe a cute elopement jumpsuit?).

What exactly is a micro wedding? Picture a wedding with your nearest and dearest, usually around 20 people. It’s smaller than a traditional wedding, but definitely not an elopement (think impromptu Vegas trip with Elvis – though that has a certain rock ‘n’ roll charm!).


Why would you want a micro wedding? Here’s the lowdown:

  • You can do the legal bit with just you and 2 mates well in advance – no remembering scripts and facing all those judges
  • Less stress, more fun! Fewer guests means less drama (sorry Aunt Mildred) and more time to actually enjoy your special day with the people you love.
  • Budget blues? Begone! Catering for 20 is a whole lot cheaper than catering for 200. This frees up cash to splurge on that dream dress or a luxurious honeymoon.
  • Quality over quantity. With a smaller crowd, you get to spend quality time with every guest. Think heart-to-hearts and genuine laughter, not just quick hellos.
  • Unique venues, ahoy! No need to rent out a giant ballroom. Micro weddings open the door to quirky and intimate locations like a cozy restaurant or a scenic outdoor spot.  If you have done the legal bit in advance you will only need to book the c
  • Your day, your way! Micro weddings are all about flexibility. Ditch the traditions you don’t care for and create a wedding that reflects your unique love story.

Micro weddings might not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a relaxed, intimate, and unforgettable way to tie the knot, then say “I do!” to a micro wedding. Remember, it’s your day, so make it magical (and maybe throw an epic anniversary bash later for everyone else!).