End of Life Ceremonies

In the face of loss, grief can make clear thinking difficult, and planning a final tribute – cremation, service, natural burial, internment or scattering ashes – feels insurmountable. Yet, despite the pain, we crave to mourn and remember. Even with a direct funeral, we want to celebrate our loved one’s life, share stories, and remember their impact. This is where I can help, whether you’re human or furry family.

Prepaid funerals often lack ceremony wishes. Pre-plan yours to ease loved ones’ stress and ensure your desires are met. I can capture your wishes for a personalized farewell in writing to share with loved ones.

For pets too, memorials or funerals aid the grieving process. Let’s find the perfect way to remember your cherished companion – personalized options and support are available.

Create your lasting tribute with your Devon Funeral Celebrant from £450 (pre-planning from £175)