Weddings & Celebrations


Want to ditch the registry office and have your wedding ANYWHERE you like? Yep, beach vows, woodland glade, tipis – you name it!

Here’s the deal: in England and Wales, you have to register your marriage officially (think birth certificate, but for love!). Don’t worry, that’s super easy and cheap. Then, let’s get to the REAL good stuff – your epic, personalized ceremony!

That’s where I come in. I’m a celebrant, NOT a stuffy registrar stuck in a boring venue with a ‘same as all the rest’ script. I’m all about equality, diversity, and making your day unforgettable.

Whether you want a total rock n’ roll ceremony or weave in some family traditions – I’m down! ️ Religious elements? Cool, let’s chat and make it work!

Bonus: You avoid the registrar’s 8-minute speed date and potential group ceremony awkwardness. (Seriously, who wants to share their vows with strangers?)

Ready to ditch the formalities and make your wedding epic? Reach out and let’s chat about creating a ceremony that screams “YOU!” (Got legal questions? No worries, I can point you in the right direction.) Oh – and although I am a Devon Celebrant, I can travel.

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Renewal of Vows

Remember the joy of your wedding day? The promises you made, the love that filled the air? After years of shared adventures, what better way to celebrate than a vow renewal ceremony?

This is your chance to reaffirm your commitment, reminisce on precious memories, and create beautiful new ones with the loved ones who have been part of your journey.  Imagine being surrounded by family and friends who have witnessed your story unfold.  It is a heartfelt way to express your gratitude and rekindle the spark that bought you together all those years ago.

I can create a vow renewal ceremony that’s as elegant or intimate as you desire.  Whether it’s a small gathering in your garden or on a boat, or a larger celebration at a cherished venue, the focus is on you and your love.

This is not just about looking back; it is about celebrating the future you’ll continue to build together and will be an inspiration to yourselves and all who cherish your relationship.

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Naming’s & Blessings

  • Naming Ceremonies: Non-religious celebrations for babies or adopted children. Involve family, friends, and symbolic rituals to personalize the event.
  • Adoption Ceremonies: Celebrate the special bond between adopted children and their new families.
  • Blended Family Ceremonies: Mark the creation of a new family unit with rituals like sand blending or lighting a unity candle.
  • Adult Naming Ceremonies: Celebrate a new name for adults, marking a new beginning.
  • Trans Affirmation & Renaming: Honour a trans person’s identity with a name change ceremony.

All ceremonies can be personalized with readings, music, and special touches in any location you choose. Religious elements can be included upon request.

I can also craft ceremonies to celebrate milestones beyond families! Here are some examples:

  • Business Launch or Relaunch: Celebrate your company’s arrival or fresh start with a memorable event.
  • New Premises Naming: Unveil your company’s new location with a symbolic ceremony like a tree planting or time capsule.
  • Vehicle Naming: Give your boat, train, truck, or racehorse a proper christening with a fun and personalized ceremony.
  • Giving Thanks: Mark your freedom from a burden or express gratitude to a benefactor with a special ceremony.
  • Life Transitions: Celebrate milestones like retirement, graduations, or even a divorce with a positive and meaningful ceremony.

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