Naming ceremonies

A naming ceremony is to announce and acknowledge the name(s) of a baby, child or adult within a family, social group or a friendship circle. Most commonly associated with babies, naming ceremonies can also include older siblings or take place when a baby or child has been adopted. They are also milestone marking ceremonies if a young person or adult changes their name.

Although a naming ceremony conducted by a celebrant has no legal status, we will include a commemorative document to remember the day.  The focus will be on an occasion written just for you and full of laughter and happy memories.  We are also happy to combine this ceremony in wedding and vow renewal events

Baby Naming

For a young child, there are many differences between a naming ceremony and a christening, the key one being there is not a religious link or the need for ‘godparents’ and a celebrant ‘names’ or ‘welcomes.  You can still assign supporting adults, (calling them whatever you wish) and you can involve family and friends in any way you wish, in any location you wish. 

 Many parents choose to involve other children, grandparents, adult guides and even a party!  There are many different symbolic rituals which I can incorporate in to your celebration to make it personal and meaningful for your precious family member.  Examples include time capsules, sand ceremony, vow of parenthood, tree planting

Adoption Ceremony

An adoption (or welcoming or naming) ceremony can be a valuable way of securing a sense of belonging for your child. Celebrations can include all the same elements as a naming ceremony, and when working with a celebrant you can be as creative as you like.  Creating precious memories, rooting these memories in a specific location and crafting keepsakes from the ceremony as a reminder of this momentous transition in their life and in yours. The point is that extremely special way to solidify your family unit.
Adoption was a cause for celebration. A gift. The community that a family is surrounded by is even more vital to a family which grows through adoption. Allocating loved ones within the ceremony to commit to your child as supporters, mentors, guide parents or fairy god people can enhance a child’s sense of belonging, strengthening their relationships with other members of extended family and friends.
the child (or children) you are welcoming is a true part of your family, and the act of formally welcoming them and making promises to them is an individual.


Blended Family Ceremony or Family Unity Celebration

Blended families are a common family structure in today’s modern society. Your blended family is unique, as several people from different backgrounds and experiences came together to create a unit that is special and one-of-a-kind. 
You can choose a suitable symbolic ritual including a vow, anniversary time capsules, sand blending, saying of promises/vows or lighting a family unity candle, to mark this commitment. You will have a keepsake to treasure too!
As a celebrant it’s so wonderful to be able to give families the opportunity to celebrate their new family units, whatever they may look like. For they are all so different and unique! We are also very happy to incorporate elements of family blending in to a wedding ceremony.

Adult naming ceremony

Naming ceremonies are ideal for adults who, for various reasons, choose to affirm or take on a new name. A naming ceremony can help you celebrate a new beginning, or you may feel that the name you were given doesn’t properly reflect who you are.

Ceremony of Affirmation and Renaming

Changing your name can be one of the most meaningful steps for any trans person in expressing who you are. The changing of a name acknowledges your journey of discovery and symbolises a new beginning. A renaming offers a life moment, for reflection of their life so far and who they have become.  A moment to share this new milestone in your lives. You can honour your whole self, both past, present and future. An opportunity to offer thanks to family and friends who have supported and guided you along the path and share your hopes and dreams of the future as your new identity.
I can officiate a ceremony in any location that may either mean something to you such as your home, or in a location you love, as well as offering a ceremony with readings, music, or personal touches of exchanging gifts, signing certificates, or even creating a wonderful memento. You can also include a religious element if this is important to you as an individual.

Business Launch or Business Relaunch

Most commonly, launch parties are thrown to get your business’s brand and identity out into the world. Other times, companies host parties to promote a new product or just to keep clientele engagement up.
So, you have chosen a date and a venue, and your team have even come up with ideas of how you can show off your organisation.  

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Now for the formal name…. Names are reflective and symbolic. Little pockets of reality are neatly tied with a ribbon of a unique combination of words, sounds, and images conjured up when the name is spoken aloud.
A celebrant can help you by acting as the deliver of the main speeches and thanks, allowing you to act as the host and to participate in the press opportunities to spread the word.

New Premises Naming

With the trend for new commercial premises in soul less ‘parks’, may companies are looking to name their buildings in recognition of someone in history relevant to their sector, or someone who contributed to the building of the company, and even as a celebration of somebody who has died.

A celebrant can help you with your ceremony and include such symbolic rituals as tree planting, time capsules or plaque unveiling.

Train naming

It became a tradition to name principal locomotives in the early 1800’s and these names are descriptive, sentimental, and even following a local link or as a memorial.

Fundamentally, locomotives need names. It would be impractical not to catalogue them without some form of identification. Serialised numbers do from a functional perspective but do little to create that something ‘extra’ to enthusiasts and passengers alike.

Boat naming

Buying a boat is often the fulfilment of a dream, and there are no laws in the UK to restrict you from choosing a name for your boat (even if it already has one – it is the registration number that holds the compulsory element if it is to leave UK waters).  Inspiration for a name can come from many places, but its naming ceremony holds many traditions beyond the party and launch, such as placing a green leafy branch on board to represent a safe return to land, the toasting of the boat with some fizzy (smashing a bottle is considered a water pollutant) or even going for a trip on board.

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Now put on your thinking cap, and try to come up with that ideal name for your boat—It’s About Time to Seize the Day, and when you come up with the perfect name, invite me to help you celebrate!

Lorry naming

Every truck has a personality of its own, so it’s not surprising many owners give their wheels a human name. Eddie Stobart himself named his first four trucks after famous women, but now more endearingly, long serving drivers can offer up names to commemorate those they love.  Another lovely example is Scotland’s snow-plough feet with nicknames that raise a laugh such as Snow Connery and Gritly Come Dancing.

Race Horse naming

So, the dream has finally come true: you’ve bought a horse. You’ve designed your silks, decided who will train it and who you’d like to ride it. There’s just one vital step left: naming your racehorse
For owners this can be one of the most gratifying aspects of owning a racehorse; Silks might carry owners’ colours in the most literal sense but naming a racehorse ties it to its owner in a far more meaningful manner, making it at once a champion and a pet.

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But there is more than just an art to naming racehorses. Like everything else in racing, the process of naming a horse is governed by an intricate set of rules, with a team of administrators spending every working day sifting through dozens of So, international names and rules before you can get approval.

A naming ceremony often occurs at the stabling yard and can be as unique as you want it to be.  An ethos of the ceremony might be the celebration of a syndicate starting their journey together, and also to get to know ‘the whole family’ of specialists who will make your horse a winner.